A Cognitive Avionics System
with an
Embedded Conversational Agent

James P. Hauser, PhD, PE

AeroSpectra has developed a system to monitor aircraft systems and read checklists interactively. Somewhat fancifully, we call our system the Cognitive Pilot Assistant (CPA). Here is a block diagram of a typical aircraft installation of the CPA.




The September 2012 issue of KITPLANES magazine contains an article titled The Coming Revolution in Avionics . It describes some of the features of the CPA.

The purpose of this web page is to introduce the book on which the article is based. I expect that the finished book will be published in electronic form (eBook). I intend it to be a guide for those that would like to implement a CPA in their Amateur Built aircraft. I also would like to see a critical mass of aviator/developers form to expand and refine these concepts so that embedded conversational agents become as ubiquitous in avionics as synthetic vision is today.

As an experiment in "crowd sourcing", drafts of book chapters will be made available on this page for comment via email. The hope is that this will add to the readability and usefulness by a wider audience.

My primary interest in soliciting comments is to determine if I have explained the concepts sufficiently. If you find sections that are unclear or could benefit from more explanation, please email a comment about it.

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Jim Hauser


Part 0 Introduction

Part II Introduction

Part II Text to Speech

Part II Automatic Speech Recognition

Part II Natural Language Processing

Appendix A

Appendix B

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